Selenite heart


  • Size:06cm.
  • Pcs/box:150-100.
  • Boxs:03-24.
  • Pcs:2850.

Clean and smooth surfaces SELENITE heart Shaped Bowl.
Premium selenite, crystal cleanser and charger, sacred space crystal, meditation tool.
Made of natural AA+ selenite from Morocco.
2 size options:
3.5" heart bowls, approximately 3 1/2" wide by 3" long by 1" deep.
4 " heart bowls, approximately 4 " - 4 1/4 " wide by 3 1/2 " long by 1 1/8 " deep.
Select the drop down menu for the size and number of heart bowls you need.
These bowls are hand carved. Dimensions vary.
Perfect for holding your favorite set of gems, jewelry or just using them for display.
A great way to recharge your crystals and enhance the positive energy in your body, mind and home.
An amazing addition to your sacred space.
Ideal for use in reiki and healing and makes a great gift!
As selenite is soft, the outer edge of the rim may show marks/cracks. Please allow for some imperfections such as small black dots and pits as this is a natural item.
A calming and soothing stone, selenite brings mental clarity and clears confusion. Selenite is an excellent stone for meditation as well as an excellent choice for grid work.

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